Atlantic Skiff чертежи
Atlantic Skiff чертежи

Atlantic Skiff чертежи

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Seaworthiness and traditional good looks separate this design from others her size. Just like the traditional sportfishing boats often seen along the Eastern Atlantic seaboard states, our ATLANTIC SKIFF features a prominent reverse-curved bow flare along with a sharply "vee'd" hull entry for a smooth, dry ride and attractive appearance that can't be duplicated in hulls built from ordinary sheet plywood. Bottom lines flatten out to a moderate transom vee for the stability fisherman appreciate while also reducing fuel consumption and power needs in the process. Hull options include a shallower "standard" skeg for use when speed and minimal draft are paramount, or a longer deep skeg option that offers optimum maneuverability and protection for underwater hardware in the event of debris or grounding.

Power comes from a centrally-located "direct drive" inboard (gas or diesel) housed within the center console. This is a proven, reliable set-up that's easy to maintain and doesn't get in the way when working or landing the catch. And there is plenty of fuel possible for extended range. The spacious self-bailing cockpit is close to the water, but with adequate depth (24"-27") for security.

Construction is well-suited to the do-it-yourself woodworker, even for those who have not built a boat. No special materials or methods (such as steam bending) are required. Hull planking is "cold molded" double diagonal type using either solid wood veneers or plywood cut into strips.

Frames are sawn to shape from ordinary lumber and plywood. Optionally, topsides can be strip planked from solid wood. Husky motor stringers run almost the entire length of the hull. Building the hull is done upside down over a building form of ordinary lumber fully detailed in the plans. Epoxy resins and adhesives are highly advised throughout the construction, using encapsulation techinques for added longevity, durability, and reduced maintenance. Fiberglass cloth/epoxy hull sheathing is recommended on the final hull exterior to enhance such qualities while adding to appearance.

Plans cover all options, including length options, and sequential instruction manual with fastening schedule and materiial list. Also included are FULL SIZE PATTERNS for all the "backbone" members such as frames, stem, and transom; NO LOFTING IS REQUIRED. STUDY PLANS show more details of the construction, features, and building methods used.

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